Team Member - Chanda R. Groom Baggarly

AKA: Death Tank Girl
Los Gatos, California
Occupation: Technical Writher oops...Writer
Skills: Getting lost in dangerous places
Chanda is a Documentation/Technical Writer for a large Silicon Valley software company.

Q: Why do you want to drive around the world?
A: Although I am looking forward to all of our destinations, I am totally fascinated by China. I think part of what intrigues me about this country is that it is the oldest continuous major world civilization on the planet. What an incredible heritage…what an incredible cultural experience! Traveling through this culturally rich land, full of natural and man-made wonders, I hope to experience firsthand the richness of this ancient heritage. Another great thing about China is that unlike so many traditional travel destinations around the world, it isn’t over-burdened with tourists.

Q: What benefits do you think this trip will have? 
A: Although my reason for visiting China may seem selfish, I believe that the stories and photos we bring home and share will provide cultural and artistic enlightenment for our communities in the United States. We want everyone following our trip to feel like they are a part of it—to feel like they’ve actually experienced the sights and cultures we will be experiencing. And without having to sit cramped up in a Land Rover for a million miles!

Q: Do you think you will make it?
A: Make what?

Q: What are you definitely not leaving home without?
A: Five guys, two Land Rovers, and my sense of humor and adventure.

Q: What will you miss most about home?
A: # 14 regular at Pho Thang Long’s Vietnamese restaurant and my family and friends – not necessarily in that order.

Q: What will be the hardest thing about being on the road?
A: Traveling with Doug—he thinks he is perfect. 

Q: What is your biggest concern?
A: Have you ever seen that movie called Alive?

Q: What sights are you most looking forward to seeing?
A: I am looking forward to seeing the Great Wall of China, the view from the Himalayas, Istanbul, Athens, Rome, the French, Zermatt, all of the UK, and finally—six healthy world travelers arriving in San Francisco before Christmas. 

Q: What personality trait of yours is most likely to irritate your fellow travelers?
A: Nagging

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