Journals - China


October 12th Update - Nick
Location: Beijing

Nick and the team bid a hearty "Ni Hao" from Beijing and give a general introduction the the whole Around The World 1999 endeavor.

October 15th Update - Todd
Location: Beijing

Todd provides a detailed account of the Team's experience of Beijing, including trips to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

October 16th Update - Chanda (audio in 2 parts)
Location: Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province

Chanda recounts some of the events in Beijing, the trip to the Great Wall, and the journey onward into Zhangjiakou.

October 17th Update - Earle

Location: Dongxing, Inner Mongolia

As the trip continues into Inner Mongolia, Earle reveals the details of the first mechanical difficulty of the trip and answers a question submitted by email.

October 18th Update - Doug

Location: Zhongwei, Ningxia Province

After traveling west from Beijing to Baotou, the Team turns southwest and travels several hundred miles to Zhongwei. Doug recounts the details of this leg of the China trip.

October 19th Update - Jeff

Location: Lanzhou, Gansu Province

Continuing in a southwesterly direction, the Team makes the trip from Zhongwei to Lanzhou. At this point they are deep into the interior of Mainland China and very close the the Tibetan Plateau. Jeff checks in with a few highlights.

October 20th Update - Nick

Location: Xining, Qinghai Province

The Team leaves Lanzhou and begins the trip up into the higher altitudes of the Tibetan Plateau. In this rather long entry, Nick covers the trip from Lanzhou to Xining, and provides a detailed answer to a question submitted by email.

October 21st Update - Nick

Location: Dulan, Qinghai Province

Pressing onwards into Tibet, the team covers the distance from Xining to Dulan. Nick provides another longish entry and answers another email question. More Land Rover tech stuff here, too.

October 22nd Update - Todd

Location: Golmud, Qinghai Province

Still covering the distance into Tibet, the team travels from Dulan to Golmud. Todd provides some information about this leg of the trip, some interesting local color, and some info about how the Rovers are doing now that they're operating above 10,000 ft.

October 23rd Update - Chanda

Location: Golmud, Qinghai Province

Chanda tells a cute little story about a trip to the Golmud marketplace and some interesting foodstuffs she ran into.

October 24th Update - Earle and Nick (audio in 2 parts)

Location: Pagnag, Tibet

Earle tells the story of the ride out of Golmud, over the Tibetan highlands, and into Pagnag. Then Nick checks in and answers a question about how he prepared the Rovers. Lots of interesting detail here for all of you Land Rover nerds enthusiasts.

October 25th Update - Doug

Location: Lhasa, Tibet

Picking up where Earle left off, Doug covers the second half of the stretch from Golmud, continuing on into Lhasa.

October 26th Update - Doug and Jeff

Location: Lhasa, Tibet

Doug adds some information to his October 25th report, and then Jeff rejoins the team and checks in with some interesting experiences from Chengdu and Lhasa.

October 28th Update - Todd

Location: Xigaze, Tibet

Todd provides this journal entry, covering the trip from Lhasa to Xigaze. This entry is light on hard data and heavy on Todd's subjective impressions of what it was like to travel through Tibet and interact with the people who live there, giving a personal perspective to global news events.

October 29th Update - Chanda (no audio yet)

Location: Xegar, Tibet

Chanda covers the frip from Xigaze to Xegar. As with Todd's entries from this region, Chanda describes her impressions of the Tibetan people and their unfortunate political and cultural situation.

October 30th Update - Doug

Location: Xegar, Tibet

Doug covers the trip into this remote region of Tibet near Mt Everest. Unfortunately Earle and Nick got really sick during this leg of the trip. Fortunately this leg of the trip was still very spectacular. There were also some interesting mechanical difficulties here. Quite a story.

October 31st Update - Earle

Location: Rongpu, Tibet

Completing the China section of the journals, Earle relates his experience of being at the "Rim of the World", although he and Nick were still a little under the weather at this point.

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