Team Member - Earle Lowe 

AKA, Early Bird, Bigwheel, Chief
Santa Clara, California
Occupation: Senior Software Engineer
Skills: Navigation, Land Rover repair
Earle hails from Prince Edward Island, Canada. He owns a short-wheelbase 1960 Series II Land Rover.

Q: Why do you want to drive around the world?
A: I am excited to bring this sort of cultural exchange to the Internet, where we can extend our audience to people of all countries. It will be particularly interesting to receive real-time feedback from our Internet audience and to help provide an exchange of knowledge, arts, culture, and goodwill to and from places and people that might not otherwise ever take place.

Q: What benefits do you think this trip will have? 
A: Iím hoping to successfully use the online connectivity of the Internet to broaden the exchange between cultures. I would hope to share pictures and comments from our Internet audience with people we meet in our travels, and in turn relay the ideas and culture of the people we meet along the way to our Internet audience. A chance to travel through the enormous countries of China, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, and Europe, demonstrating our goodwill as capable, friendly travelers, will allow us to experience first-hand the beautiful and ancient cultures of the world. Our interaction will be simultaneously personal and globalófrom sharing photographs of a school child's smile to sharing the broad vision of global community and technology.

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