The Fuel Systems


Land Rovers "Alaska" & "Hercules"


Fuel Capacity: Three on-board fuel tanks provide a combined switch able capacity of 54 gallons (204 liters). We have mounted a mechanical three-way NAPA valve conveniently on the seat box to switch the tank draw. There's also a Purelator electronic fuel pump positioned in line, just before the mechanical fuel pump. It can be switched on to prime the pump when we run out of gas. Finally, a dashboard switch toggles the fuel sender for the fuel gauge.

Swing Away Jerry Can Carrier:

 A custom jerry can carrier was designed by our
friend Geoff Tobin of Expedition Engineering and built by Ron Ogomori of Fabricor in Burbank, CA. Each Dormobile is equipped with a swing away carrier.

Total Fuel Capacity:


 78 gallons (295 liters)
Maximum Range: @14 mpg, max range=1092 miles (1754 km)



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