77/29/97, Guatemala City to Antigua, then to Qutzal Tenango--

Not much driving today, but what a great day. We went to Antigua, one of the oldest Spanish cities and the former capital of Guatemala.

Coming out of Guatemala, we snapped some pictures on the road. We were trying to make San Cristobol de las Casas before dark, and didn’t have much time to stop for pictures. We frequently saw people carrying large loads on their back. By the time we noticed them walking on the side of the road, however, we’d passed out of range to take a picture. I managed to get an impressionist’s colorful view (a blurry shot) of a couple guys carrying heavy packs. Not sure what they’re carrying, but it looks quite heavy.    

7/30/97, San Cristobol de las Casas--

Took a really interesting tour with a tour guide named Mercedes to a nearby village in Chipas. Many indigenous Indians had been killed in this village. (Note, just one year after our visit, more killing took place here.)

While there, we visited a Catholic Church that the Indians were using to practice their religion. I would classify their faith as a hybrid native (almost voodoo) cult mixed with Catholicism, but the only thing Catholic about it was the church. Although it was very foreign to me, I didn’t get the impression that anything dark or sinister was going on. These people seemed very certain of their beliefs and practiced them with utmostsincerity.  


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