7/30/97, San Cristobol de las Casas--

We did see hundreds of candles and several dead chickens lying on the floor of the church. The idea here is the bad stuff from person—whether it be an illness, or social problems like alcoholism—is leached out of an individual into the chicken. The chicken is then considered saturated with evil, so they break its neck to "put it out of its misery."

We left the church and went across the courtyard for lunch. They were serving chicken soup. About half way through the meal, one of us (I forget who) looked up and said, "Say, what do you think they do with all those evil-saturated, dead chickens?" We stopped eating immediately. I’m not superstitious but, after eating the chicken soup, we had bad luck for an entire week. I suspect it was the Voodoo Chicken.

8/4/97, Derelict Land Rovers--

During our trip to Belize, we ran across a lot of old Land Rovers. Throughout all of Mexico we saw only one other Land Rover: A Defender 110 in Mexico City.

8/2/97, Villahermosa--

We're stuck here today in Villahermosa, Tabasco Mexico with a bad clutch in the '64 Dormobile. The clutch began slipping yesterday after leaving the falls at Agua Azul (means Blue Water). Agua Azul was a refreshing stop between San Christobol and Villahermosa.   


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