Back in Villahermosa, we let our fingers do the walking from the comfort of our Hilton Hotel room and found a place that specializes in clutch repair. They had never worked on a Land Rover, but it turned out that these guys were real mechanics, so it was no problem. They were really great, and Dave did a swell job at bridging the communication gap. Once again, we'd be in a world of hurt without Dave. 

8/3/97, Villahermosa--

Dave told the mechanics that we had to get back to the states for a wedding (our wedding!), and they came in to help us on a Sunday. Went to the mechanic in the early A.M. He already had the gearbox disconnected. We helped move it up and out of the way. The operation went well, but the seats and center section of the seatbox needed to come out. Once removed, we inspected the clutch disk.


Sure enough, it showed signs of motor oil contamination from the rear main seal. From what I’ve been told (thanks Bob Bernard and Granville Pool), the rear main is a real pain—so we’ll replace it when we return. It’s really a tired motor but it gets us where we need to go. Especially if we stay close to sea level.

These mechanics are great. They don't mind Todd and I in our monkey suits "helping" either. In the states, most mechanics wouldn’t tolerate us in their garage area. Not here. Liability isn't an issue. 

Went to bed sick, hoping I would feel better tomorrow.


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