7/19/97, Orange Walk, St. Christopher hotel--

We spent the day at Hidden Valley falls. The dirt road to the falls was rocky and hard on the new suspension in Alaska. 

Here we are, camped on the shore of the New River. Earlier this evening, a huge crocodile was spotted less than fifty yards away!    

7/20/97, Orange Walk, St. Christopher hotel--

Yesterday the group boarded a two-hour boat ride on the nearby New River, bound for the Myan ruins of Lamani. The beautiful ride reminded me of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness as it passed several remote sections that looked untouched by humans. .

A very large water snake was seen about 100 yards away, as well as a crocodile and several howler monkeys once at the ruins

A guide greeted us with a cabana-style lunch consisting of chicken, rice, potato salad, and fried bananas, the latter of which seems to be a staple with any meal. The jungle in this area was most likely forested at one time by the Spaniards and British (they took a lot of the mahogany while they were here), but this area had been untouched for close to 100 years. It has been the thickest, tallest jungle we've seen so far. We camped again that night.



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