7/21/97 Orange Walk, Belize, St. Christopher hotel--

Today we spent several hours trying to find Land Rover spare parts at a local junk yard. Todd and I found the place, but an old man turned us away, insisting that there was nothing we'd want inside. Well, as they say, one manís junk is another manís treasure. We returned after seeing a decent haul from one of the other travelers and found several derelict Land Rovers, most of which looked as though they'd been involved in serious accidents.

These vehicles had been pretty well picked over, and all that remained was frame sections and bent body panels. Surprisingly there was a roll bar from a forward control, which we picked up along with several British Ammunition boxes for $40 Belize dollars.


7/24/97, Caye Caulker, Belize--

A terrific and much deserved day of R&R on a Robinson Crusoesque island, complete with palm trees with coconuts, hammocks, and machetes. What more do you need? Lots of pictures to share. 

I celebrated my 29th birthday here, and the gang put together a surprise gift by gathering an assortment of fruits. We mixed them up in an empty coconut shell and made tropical fruity drinks. They looked tropical, fruity, and good, but they tasted horrible. We drank Ďem down anyway. 


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