7/25/97, Belize City to Guatemala Border, ending in Flores, Guatemala--

A fun day with a frightening ending. It started out fine. We returned by boat from Caye Caulker, off the coast of Belize City. Then we picked up the Rovers and drove west toward the Guatemala border. On the way, we took a turn-off to see some ruins. The road required us to cross a river by going over a cable bridge. An old man was manning the bridge. He had been sending vehicles and people across the Mopan river every day for forty years by turning a manual cable wheel (thatís what he told us, anyway). He certainly looked like he had been reeling cars back and forth his whole life.

While at the Caye, we had picked up two Dutch girls named Iris and Evelyn.  They were going to Tikal as well, so we offered them a ride.


Todd doesnít like to drive at night, and I donít blame him. Although I was usually the instigator for all-night driving, it was a bad decision on this day. We were at the Guatemala border for about two hours, getting ourselves and the vehicles cleared through customs.

The road from the Belize/Guatemala border to Flores is known for bandits and frequent hold-ups. When we entered the border, we were greeted by a huge billboard with a picture of a scary-looking gorilla. He looked ferocious! His fangs were showing, and he was wearing a red beret. The sign said "Beware!" I wish I had snapped a picture of it. Despite the gorillaís warning, we pressed on for four nervous hours and made it to Flores safely.


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