7/26/97, Flores--

We hung around this neat Spanish city all day. We woke up too late to make an effective sight-seeing day at Tikal. So instead we rested up and spent the day finding an Internet cafe and drinking coffee. It was good—as witnessed by our very own Todd Borgie.


7/28/97, Flores, Guatemala to Fray de las Casas-- 

Here we met a fellow from Italy who does volunteer work in the most remote areas Guatemala has to offer. His team helps villagers learn to grow new crops--crops that have been tested for soil and climate compatibility and undergone rotation impact studies. What a wonderful thing he was doing by introducing new sources of food and income to these people to improve their lives. What was perhaps equally as wonderful was his brand-new 1997 conniston green Defender 110 Diesel pickup!



Seeing such a unique vehicle in this remote area was a treat, indeed. However, we only spoke for a very short time because it was dark and we were all very tired from a fourteen-hour day of driving. We covered less than 200 kilometers in what seemed an eternity of driving very rough roads. On the way, we had our first flat tire, which was all my fault, really. Only one-half hour earlier, I had called Todd over the CB and mentioned that we hadn’t had a flat throughout the entire trip. Todd said the flat was my fault, because I tempted the fates and they answered. Here's Todd and Dave working on the repair.



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