Team Member - Jeff Okubo 

AKA: Koobs
Los Gatos, California
Occupation: Internet Technology Sales
Skills: Photography, Videography, Driving
Quote: "You regret the things in life you didn't do, more than the things you did."

Q: Why do you want to drive around the world?: 
A: For the same reasons I think most people would want to travel around the world: to experience other cultures and people, see the things that I have only read about in books, and eat a lot of incredible food.

Q: What benefits do you think this trip will have? 
A: The education. The best way to REALLY learn about other countries, people and cultures is to travel through those countries, meet the people, and experience the culture first hand. Another great benefit of this trip is the new friends we will make along the way.

Q: Do you think you will make it?
A: I am confident that we will make it.

Q: What are you definitely not leaving home without?
A: Toilet paper.

Q: What will you miss most about home?
A: My girlfriend.

Q: What will be the hardest thing about being on the road?
A: I can think of three things that will be difficult about being on the road: 1. Being away from my girlfriend for so long. 2. Not being able to stop wherever and whenever we want along the way. And 3. No In-N-Out Burger!

Q: What is your biggest concern?
A: One of us getting sick or injured and in need of medical attention.

Q: What sights are you most looking forward to seeing?
A: The Great Wall, Mount Everest, and the Taj Mahal.

Q: What personality trait of yours is most likely to irritate your fellow travelers?
A: Well, it's not necessarily a personality trait, but my snoring could very well cause me to be ousted from the expedition somewhere along the way.

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