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November 11th Update - Todd (no audio yet)

Location: Lahore,Pakistan

Todd covers the trip out of India and into Pakistan. Before leaving India, The Team visits the Golden Temple of the Sikhs in Amritsar. Once again Todd reveals his talent for describing the intertwined cultural, religious, and historical aspects of this part of India.

November 23rd Update - Todd (no audio yet)

Location: Erzurum, Turkey

Todd covers the trip out of Iran and into Turkey. Todd provides lots of good info about both countries in this Journal entry, as well as an account of a very interesting border crossing.

November 24th Update - Doug (no audio yet)

Location: Zara, Turkey

Doug provides some colorful accounts of the Team's experiences in Turkey. Also, this journal entry records Earle's departure from the team to fly to Athens and meet up with his girlfriend.

November 29th Update - Doug (no audio yet)

Location: Athens, Greece

Doug provides this account of the Team's experience of Athens. The Team seems to be getting a lot of pleasure out of being good old-fashioned American tourists in Europe, and they even ran into another American who knew one of Nick's family members. Definitely a good "Small World" story.

December 4th Update - Doug (no audio yet)

Location: Rome, Italy

This events covered in this entry include Russ Groom joining the Team, and some general touristy-type adventures in Rome.

December 8th Update - Todd (no audio yet)

Location: Hinterweidenthal, Germany

On this particular day, the Team travels through three different countries (Italy, Switzerland, and Germany), and Todd provides a frank and honest account of how the Team's internal group dynamics have played out over this long journey. It's not quite Jerry Springer material but it is still quite interesting.

December 11th Update - Doug (no audio yet)

Location: Woodstock, England

After the near-religious experiences in Solihull, the Team spends some time in Stratford-upon-Avon and has some interesting adventures, both Shakespearian and otherwise.

December 14th Update - Todd (no audio yet)

Location: London, England

At this point, the Rovers are on the boat to the US, and the Team gets to kick back, blow off some steam, and generally enjoy being in England. Todd provides the details.

December 19th Update - Todd (no audio yet)

Location: Amsterdam, Holland

This journal entry marks the depature of Russ and Gina from the Team's adventures. Todd describes some of the fun things the Team did in Amsterdam.

December 24th Update - Todd (no audio yet)

Location: West Branch, Iowa

Although the Team originally wanted to make it back to California in time for Christmas, their plans were thwarted by illness, fatigue, and some more mechanical problems. That's right - the US leg of their around-the-world journey turned out to be one of the most grueling. Todd tells quite a Christmas story in this entry.

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