News Update (January 24th)

At long last we have some more content! Todd and Doug came through with some new journal entries. We now have entries for Turkey, Europe, and the United States. Click here to read the latest - it's pretty interesting stuff.

There's still a lot more to come, especially in the area of pictures and movies. As always, you can click here to browse the various directories by date or country. There's a lot of stuff in here!

News Update (December 29th)

The Team reached Los Gatos late Tuesday evening on December 28th. Once they have had a few days to rest and settle back into their lives, they will start posting all those journal entries from Europe and the Middle East that we haven't seen yet.

As always, stay tuned to this Web Site, and expect a bunch of new stuff to show up soon.

News Update (December 27th)

The latest word is that the Team is still crossing the country. Instead of trying to cross in a few days, they decided to take it slow, and ended up spending Christmas in Omaha, Nebraska with Nick's sister Suzanne.

So, it looks like the new plan is to make it home just in time for the big Y2K New Year's celebration. Stay tuned for more info as it comes in.

News Update (December 22nd)

No news has come in from the Team in the past week. I think we can safely assume that, with the Land Rovers safely on the boat to the US, the Team got a lot of pleasure out of being plain old "normal" tourists in Europe for a week.

If all is going according to plan, they should be crossing the US right now, trying to make it back to Los Gatos, California in time for Christmas. The plan is to do a straight shot down I-80. For those of you who have never done this, it's a 3000-mile trip that takes about five days if you stop and rest every night. As usual, the Team is pushing it, and trying to do it in four days.

Furthermore, the Rovers have a top speed of around 50-60 MPH on the open highway. This means that the only way the Team will make it back by Saturday the 25th is if they drive in shifts and don't stop to sleep every night.

More info will be posted here as soon as the Team makes it back or sends word of their location. Until then - God speed, my friends.

News Update (December 14th)

Nick called in from London today. Here are the latest developments:

  • The Rovers got on the boat at Southampton just fine. They will be arriving in the US on the 21st as scheduled.

  • The Team, minus Earle, plus Russ and Gina, will stay in England until this Friday, December 17th. Then they will fly to Amsterdam for the weekend.

  • On Monday, December 20th, they will all fly back to the US, pick up the Rovers, and drive across the country as quickly as possible. They may even make it back to California in time for Christmas.

New Pictures (December 14th)

When Nick and the Team made it to Southampton on Sunday the 12th, they were finally able to get a good connection and upload some pictures. It's going to take some time to organize all this stuff, but if you don't mind browsing through the raw directories, there's plenty of stuff from China, India, and Iran available for all of you to look at.

And if you have the bandwidth to download and view MPEG movies, you will most definitely want to look here.

Nick and the Team in Land Rover Heaven (December 14th)

Nick sent in an email report that all you Land Rover fans will just love:

    Another mission accomplished! We arrived in England using the Calais to Dover ferry and drove straight to Solihull and the Land Rover factory where these vehicles were born approximately 38 and 31 years ago. There we received an unbelievable tour of the Land Rover factory. Unbelievable because we arrived unannounced on a Friday at the end of their workday. How were we to know they wrapped things up at 12:30 on Fridays!? They turned us away so we went to our contingency plan--get to the nearest pub and get pissed! While there Todd found some bigwigs who work for the Special Operations division at Land Rover. The same group I suspect that originally developed the Dormobile rovers and my amphibious APGP! They were a "Product Proud" group of folks and when they heard about the AroundTheWorld1999 tour they immediately escorted us back to the factory for a comprehensive VIP tour. It was fantastic! We'll describe these events, including details from the tour, in our next set of journals.

News Update (December 11th)

No news has come in from the Team in the past two days. However it's a near-certainty that they're in England by now, and getting some much-needed rest. More info will be posted here as soon as the Team checks in.

News Update (December 9th)

Nick sent a brief email on Wednesday, December 8th. They are making their way through Switzerland and will be in France very soon if they aren't already.

Gina Groom will be flying into Paris on Friday and will meet up with her husband Russ early Saturday morning (Paris time). It is unclear whether all or part of the Team will meet Gina in Paris, or if Russ will just go by himself to hook up with Gina, and then re-connect with the team in England.

Nick confirmed that the Rovers will ship out of Southampton (not Liverpool) on Monday, December 13th and arrive in Newark (not New York) on Tuesday the 21st.

Nick also apologized for not uploading any journals or pictures this week. It's pretty clear that simply getting from Point A to Point B has been a major challenge for the Team at this stage in the trip.

Once the Rovers are on the boat, Nick and the rest of the Team will have a week in England to catch up on some rest and get some more information to us. From what Nick has mentioned so far, they have many, many stories to tell.

News Update (December 6th)

Nick just checked in from Milan, Italy. Here are the latest developments:

  • Earle Lowe departed from the Team to meet up with his girlfriend and travel through Europe at a more leisurely pace.

  • Chanda's brother Russ Groom flew over from the US and met up with the Team while they were in Rome. In a few days, when the Team reaches London, England, Russ's wife Gina will also be joining the Team.

  • Compared to the Team's original plans, they are now about two weeks behind schedule. They intended to get the Land Rovers to Liverpool, England by December 3rd, and get them on a boat to be shipped back to New York. Obviously, they have missed this date.

  • Nick has re-scheduled the Liverpool drop-off for this Sunday, December 12th. This means that, over the next four days, they must cross Italy, Switzerland, France, and the English Channel.

  • We'll have to wait and see how successful Nick and the Team are at keeping up with this intense schedule. As more info comes in, it will be posted here ASAP.

  • Nick is still promising to upload more journals and pictures. As near as we can tell, he's waiting until he can get to a city that has a network connection with decent bandwidth. Apparently the team's hectic schedule has simply made it impossible to get the job done using a slow 28.8 or (gasp) 14.4 modem connection.

  • Fortunately for all of us, Nick has no intention of backing down from this challenge. He has personally visited all of the cyber-cafe's in Athens, Rome, Florence, and Milan. It seems as though the European definition of a cyber-cafe involves a dozen-or-so PC's sharing the bandwidth provided by a 28.8 modem.

  • Nick has promised us that he won't rest until he's found a connection he's happy with. We'll keep all of you updated on the European Bandwidth Quest as it develops.

News Update (December 1st)

Nick just checked in from Athens, Greece. That's right - the Team made it through Turkey and is now in Europe! In a few days they will take a boat across the Adriatic Sea from Patras, Greece to Bari, Italy.

As always, Nick and the Team will do their best to get more journals, audio, and maybe even some pictures to us as the trip continues.

Journal Updates (November 29th)

As promised, the Team checked in from Istanbul on Saturday the 27th. We now have journal entries for Pakistan and Iran. Click here for all the latest stuff.

News Update (November 24th)

Nick checked in via email from Zara, Turkey on Wednesday the 24th. They made it through Iran just fine. Their plan is to make it to Istanbul for Thanksgiving, and once they get settled in they promise to transmit a bunch of log entries and pictures from the trip across Asia.

Now that the Team is in Turkey, our concerns turn from the domain of Geopolitics to the domain of Seismology. As always, Yahoo has good information on the current situation in Turkey with regards to where the latest aftershocks from the August 17th and November 12th earthquakes are happening. The US Geological Survey has lots of good up-to-date scientific information.

Journal Updates (November 22nd)

Just a note that all of the latest journals are now up-to-date with both text and audio. Thanks are due to everyone on the Domestic Support Team for getting this done. As soon as new journals come in for Pakistan and Iran, we'll get them out to all of you ASAP.

News Update (November 20th)

Todd checked in on Saturday the 20th. The team is currently in Esfahan, Iran. More journal entries are promised to arrive soon.

News Update (November 16th)

Nick checked in on Tuesday the 16th. The team has left Pakistan and crossed the border into Zahedan, Iran. As with Pakistan, the team will be under constant escort while in Iran.

There will probably be some delay in receiving any new journal entries, since both the satellite phone and Nick's Sony laptop are having technical difficulties. However, Nick did want everyone to know that they crossed Pakistan with no troubles.

Journal Updates (November 14th)

We have new journal entries from the team. They complete the China section, and add entries for Nepal and India. Click here to hear the latest. Right now it's audio only - written transcriptions will be posted soon.

News from Nick (November 12th)

Nick checked in via email from Lahore, Pakistan on Friday the 12th. He wanted to reassure everyone here in the US that the team is in minimal danger while in Pakistan. Here is what he said:

    As most of you have heard by now, some missiles were launched today against the US Embassy and UN buildings in Islamabad. That's the capital of Pakistan, about six or so hours from here. Everything here in Lahore is cool however. We met with US Consulate representatives and local police this morning. Actually, our meeting coincided with the time of the bombing. They are taking our travel very seriously. Because of this incident they have increased our escort to two vehicles with armed guards. One to lead and one will follow behind. In addition, there are also five armed guards stationed outside each of our rooms. We all feel very safe and well taken care of. Fortunately we're always on the move during the day and in hotels at night so there is little cause for worry.

News Update (November 9th)

Right now the team is in Delhi, India. In a day or two they will tackle the next leg of their journey, which will take them into Lahore, Pakistan.

Nick is in contact with the US Consulate in Lahore to arrange a police escort through Pakistan. Although the military regime seems to be taking a business-as-usual attitude, the team is making every effort to play it as safe as possible.

  • Yahoo has an excellent summary of the latest news on the political situation in Pakistan.

  • The US State Department publishes Travel Warnings on various countries around the world, including Pakistan. You can be sure Nick and the team are keeping a very close eye on this information.

We're still waiting on the journal entries from Tibet and Nepal that cover the team's journey over the "Rim of the World". However Todd did check in with an update, covering the journey from Lhasa to Xigaze. Click here to read it.

News Update (November 2nd)

Nick checked in via the satellite phone on Tuesday the 2nd. They are currently in Kathmandu, Nepal. Everyone's doing fine and they're really jazzed about all the interest and excitement that's been generated by this website. Nick expressed his appreciation for everyone who's contacted the team via email.

Journal Updates from Tibet (October 28th)

New updates covering the period from October 20th through the 26th are now online. Click here to read and hear the latest!

Pictures from Beijing (October 27th)

For more cool China pictures, go to the Beijing Photo Gallery.

Journal Updates from China (October 19th)

The updates from October 12th through the 19th are still online, of course. Click here to see them.

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