Journals - Pakistan


November 11th Update - Todd (no audio yet)

Location: Lahore,Pakistan

Todd covers the trip out of India and into Pakistan. Before leaving India, The Team visits the Golden Temple of the Sikhs in Amritsar. Once again Todd reveals his talent for describing the intertwined cultural, religious, and historical aspects of this part of India.

November 12th Update - Doug

Location: Lahore, Pakistan

Doug discusses the Team's experiences in Lahore. He talks about the security preparations from the trip across Pakistan, and then provides a little local color.

November 13th Update - Jeff

Location: Multan, Pakistan

Jeff covers the trip from Lahore to Multan. He goes into detail on the protection provided by the Pakistani police, which was impressive, reassuring, and surreal, all at the same time.

November 15th Update - Todd

Location: Dalbandin, Pakistan

Todd gives the details on this leg of the Pakistan trip, covering the distance from Quetta to Dalbandin. Todd does a great job of covering the political, geographic, historical, religious, and cultural aspects of the Pakistani experience. Nice job Todd!

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