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The AroundTheWorld1999 Internet web site was initially developed with the help of the Desktop Innovation team:
George Szymkiewicz - Site Management
Shawna Brynildssen - Editor
Linda Balazsy - Layout and design


Richard Smith
Domestic Support Team Lead, AroundTheWorld1999
Richard Smith performed site maintenance and updates while the team was in route, driving around the world. He has over fifteen years of experience in Unix System Administration. During the expedition, he kept the web site updated with voice and email content sent by the team via satellite. Richard also developed a process for converting the team's voice mail messages to small MP3 files allowing thousands of viewers to follow the expedition and receive up to date information.


Axiom Media Group - Len Bruffett CEO
Len is bringing to bear the full depth of services offered by his Santa Clara Valley, Pre-IPO start-up. The task at hand: re-design all the graphics with an interactive perspective, then design and integrate a compatible seamless interface for all of the new data that the team generated during and after the trip.

He has drawn upon his staff's experience in systems integration, applications development, graphic design and marketing prowess to ensure the site is exciting to visit, informative, and viewable on computers of the lowest common denominator around the globe.



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