The Tires on our Land Rovers


Land Rovers "Alaska" & "Hercules"



Michelin is a fine sponsor of our AroundTheWorld1999 Expedition. We're running heavy-duty Michelin XZL tires in size 7.5X16. These radial tires provide an aggressive but narrow tread and the extra-strong side wall contains several steel belts. Thanks for Michelin, each Dormobile is equipped with two spare tires. Specifications are available at:

Brakes: Four-wheel drum brakes with vacuum servo-assist. Compression braking in low range (using low gears) prevents overheating of brakes in almost all circumstances, except in high altitudes where compression braking isn't,t as effective.
Air Inflation System: 10-gallon air tank and compressor for use with air tools and quick tire in/deflation.



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