Under the Hood


Land Rovers "Alaska" & "Hercules"



2.25L four cylinder petrol engine:

Yep, we're running stock boys and girls. This motor has
only 80 horse power. (Special note: It will have less than half of that when we're at 17,000 feet above sea level) Our top speed on the highway is about 65 mph (downhill with a tail wind!) But we selected this motor because we know it will get us there and back. Why? Because it was designed to run on
bad low octane petrol, it won't overheat, and it's reliable. And we can (gulp) fix most things might go wrong so it's the perfect low-tech choice to power our expedition.
Suspension (new): Rugged leaf spring suspension was designed for rigorous off-road travel
Salisbury rear axle: Heavy-duty 24 spline rear axle was fitted as a
standard item to later Series 109 and Defender Land Rovers. We have retrofitted our Dormobiles with Salisburys so we won't have to fix broken axles or carry spares.

Dual battery with Isolator:

Twin optima starting and deep cycle batteries
charge during vehicle operation. When vehicle is stopped (key off), the starting battery is isolated (temporarily disconnected) so accessories drain the deep cycle battery instead. This ensures that your starting battery is
fully charged for it's primary purpose "starting" the Land Rover.
K&N Air Filter: The Land Rover uses an oil bath air intake filter which
works well in dusty environments with one small drawback; it constricts air flow to the carburetor, especially at high altitude where the air is very thin. Since we will be driving on the highest road in the world we brought along a couple K&N air filters for maximum air flow to the carb and better performance up high. As it turned out, this was a very good idea.

Rodchester Carburetor:

We chose this simple 1 barrel 1950's GM carburetor
because it offers our 2.25 liter power plant a bit more power. Plus there are a large selection of jets to choose from for high altitude running and re-jetting is as simple as four screws.



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